7 tips to recruit millennial talent through social media
Thursday, June 29, 2017 5:08:50 PM

Social recruitment is now the norm, no longer the exception. And statistics validate the fact—86% of professionals in the first decade of their career will go for social media in their job search, according to Glassdoor.  

Nevertheless, social recruitment isn’t an easy game to play. Each successful social recruitment demands innovative strategies to target the millennial talent and draw their attention. 

The following 7 tips shared by veteran talent specialists act as a guide to navigate the process. 

  1. Present your organizational culture on the social media in a favorable light: Your entire social media presence leaves a huge impact on your sales and customer relationships. And it holds true for social media recruitment as well. Every picture shared by you and every content published by you will go a long way in depicting your organizational culture. So, make sure that all the posts and pictures shared on the social media are appealing to millennials.  


  1. Opt for the social media platforms that are popular to millennials: It’s impossible to get the right candidate at the wrong place. Make sure your social recruitment strategy covers the social media platforms that boasts of a higher number of visitors from millennials.


  1. Involve employees in social recruiting efforts: Encourage all millennials in your organization to promote your organization on the social media by sharing their positive work experiences. And when you have a job opening, encourage them to share the opening by using their social media accounts.


  1. Leverage targeted Facebook ads to reach out to millennials: Super targeted ad options available on Facebook is a good way to target potential employees. To filter your search, go for “occupational targeting” option to ensure that your ads are only available to the targeted professionals.


  1. Be as specific as possible while preparing social media job listings: Make sure your job messages are clear and covering all the points, including contact details. It will be then easier for you to target more employees.


  1. Make use of interesting visuals to engage the millennial talent: Interesting visuals always add value to any add, with recruitment ads being no exception. You can create videos showing your present employees talking about their work experiences, for example.


  1. Start building relationships with your potential recruits at the earliest: The appropriate time to gain knowledge about your potential recruits and start creating relationships with them is before they actively start their job search. You may go for professional networking website, like LinkedIn, to connect with millennial talents in your industry. They may be passive job candidates now, when they are ready to look for new jobs, they will consider your organization for future employment.

Social recruitment is a long process. So, shed the expectation that only a few tweets help recruit best-in-class millennial talent. Instead, make use of social media platforms to build your organizational culture reputation, target the top talent in the city, and then set the stage to draw millennials to join your company.