How to take Applicant Tracking System in your stride
Tuesday, July 4, 2017 4:07:54 PM

Applying for jobs through company websites is one thing and getting interview calls is other. Possibilities are that you have applied for a number of jobs but have not received a single call. In most of the cases, it is ATS, aka Applicant Tracking System, that is preventing the traction that you are expecting.

ATS systems are based on the algorithms that influence the entire process of assessing and identifying the best potential candidates. Let’s see how it works. For a specific position in a company, the talent acquisition team creates job descriptions, along with skills, qualifications, and experience using some specific “keywords” that the team considers appropriate for the position. And these keywords ultimately determine which profiles should be picked up for further consideration.

To put it in a nutshell, if your profile or resume misses out on specific keywords, ATS is most likely not to consider your candidature for the position you have applied. It is not about how much qualified or capable you are for the position. It is all about algorithmic formulae.

So, how to take ATS in your stride? Here are a few tips to navigate through ATS black hole:

  • Read every job description thoroughly and if you have 60% of the skills mentioned, then only apply. When job descriptions are written, talent professionals tend to cover everything they aspire to have. However, since job functions are evolving rapidly, they look for trainable candidates. Given this, if you have 60% of the skills required for the position, they will take care of the rest.
  • Include the “key words” mentioned in the job description in your resume. Refrain from the habit of using any synonym or antonym. Remember only exact keywords will provide your resume with better visibility on major ATS systems.
  • Most of the ATS algorithms are unable to decipher the resumes beautified with cool fonts and colors. So, such beautification with graphic elements is a big no-no.
  • You must ensure that you follow up. Especially if you are confident about your candidature for a particular job, reach out to your network through various channels to find someone working in the company. Send them a message or call them and check if they can help you reach the recruiter for that particular job. It is a good way to get your resume or candidature noticed.
  • Repeat this practice for every job you are planning to apply for and customize your resume with keywords mentioned in job descriptions. You will definitely earn more traction.

The entire process of job search can be complicated, time-consuming, and at times, frustrating. However, always make sure that technology never puts any hurdle between you and the job you are aiming at. Now when you are well aware of how to take ATS in your stride, you will definitely be successful to grab the new job.