E-learning and Employee Engagement- Global Outlook for 2017
Monday, February 6, 2017 11:06:49 AM

The rise of e-learning for employees has seen a massive surge over the past decade and this trend is set to rise further in 2017 with far reaching consequences in some industries like technology, outsourcing and engineering. Organizations are on the lookout for aggressive training and development of their employees, and they are pulling out all stops to ensure that their talent pool is certified in the latest technology platforms and industry best practices.

For good reason, too, as this interesting and insightful infographic shows- Certifications as a consequence of integrated training and development into the Corporate Learning Management Systems comes with the added advantages of greater employee engagement, higher motivation levels to perform better and a drastic reduction of employee turnover YoY, as employees tend to stay back in the organization to upgrade their skills and get certified.

As the infographic prominently shows, 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies are already using some form of education technology for employee skill upgradations, even as 77% of all US employers plan to increase their training budgets this year.

The infographic also depicts the rise of social and collaborative learning in the corporate skills certification arena, with more than 43% employers citing the inclusion of social/collaborative learning platforms in 2017.

Check out this highly informative infographic to understand the latest trends in Global Training and Development for 2017!