How to lead the way in the competitive HR landscape?
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 5:55:50 PM

HR as a profession is quite challenging but exciting. However, it’s an increasingly competitive field and it’s getting tougher and tougher for HR professionals to set themselves above the rest. If the latest trends are anything to go by, people from other professions—specifically Operations—are increasingly coming to HR. Time has, therefore, come for ambitious HR and talent professionals to hold their own ground and show how they are able to add value to their organizations. 

And, it ultimately pays to prove their worth. But how? Here are 5 wonderful tips to lead the way.  

  1. Consider a broader talent landscape: To nurture and engage employees, organizations should bridge the void between their offerings and their employees’ expectations. The organizations that can ensure more flexibility, rewarding career paths, and amazing benefits will gain an edge in today’s competitive marketplace by leveraging their talent pool where and when they require it. An outstanding talent professional can make it possible.
  2. Devise your talent strategy on the basis of data and align it with your business strategy: Promising and forward-looking talent professionals are leading the way with data analytics. You should have a better understanding of compiling data, gaining more insights into the data, and leveraging those insights that will drive your business strategy.
  3. Explore outstanding talent solutions: Embrace new and innovative ideas. Looking at the talent profession only a few years ago is a completely different scenario than what you can now see at successful organizations. Talent is ever-evolving; business requirements are evolving—all of which signify that stagnation leads to extinction. The easiest and proven path to gain success in HR is to keep transforming, updating, and exploring. Start shedding the habit of saying, “since it is the way we have done it always.”
  4. Collaborate more with other business partners: Try to become an advocate for all your internal stakeholders. Remember, HR was and will remain in a better position to not only recruit the best-in-class talent but also to retain the best talent pool. When HR is better prepared to cater to the requirements of the strategy in general and business in specific, it leads to the creation of competitive differentiation.
  5. Be gig-savvy: The gig economy is no more an upcoming trend; it’s a ground reality. In the latest Global Human Capital Trends study, researchers at Deloitte revealed that over 1 in 3 workers surveyed were found to be freelancers. More surprisingly, the survey anticipates that the number will increase to 40% by 202o. To put simply, covering freelance employees as a part of the talent practice has started gaining prevalence—another study shows that 42% of organizations surveyed are planning to increase the number of such workers in the coming four to five years. With the gig economy expected to grow phenomenally, ambitious HR professionals should put their best foot forward in showing their ‘Gig’ savviness by plugging loopholes in workforce management. Learn more about Gig economy and make your talent strategy Gig-friendly.

Last but not the least; explore more to look beyond your organization. A successful HR professional always takes the initiative to show the business the things happening outside his/her organization.