Jesuthasan of Willis Towers Watson points out skills shortage issue at WorldatWork conference
Thursday, September 1, 2016 12:14:21 PM

While addressing the WorldatWork Total Rewards 2016 conference in San Diego, Ravin Jesuthasan, managing director and global practice leader of Willis Towers Watson, has said that with technology and the digital media evolving fast, it is getting more difficult for professionals to update their skills set required to perform their tasks. According to Jesuthasan, this trend will leave "a very negative effect on companies' ability to compete in the future." He believes that two factors are mainly responsible for the change—work democratization and empowerment using the mobile technology. Talking about the situation in the U.S., Jesuthasan has said that deteriorating standards in the technical education resulted in a drastic shortfall of workers for various jobs. In fact, he has added that 77% of companies consider skill shortage as the single most impediment to getting the right employees for digital jobs. While talking about the possible solution to the prevailing condition, Jesuthasan has suggested that companies should address the issue by becoming the organizers of talent and work as against the place of just having employees. 

 [Credits: Bloomberg]