NetApp’s CEO Thanks His Family for Nurturing His Leadership Skills
Thursday, October 13, 2016 5:22:32 PM

George Kurian, NetApp’s CEO, has credited his family for his leadership skills. An electrical engineer from Princeton and an MBA from Stanford University, Kurian possesses years of work experience in some renowned companies, including Cisco and Oracle. He was also mentored by iconic innovators in Silicon Valley, including John Chambers and Larry Ellison.

However, when it comes to his leadership role model, he always credits his Indian mother. He said, “Her leadership advice about the need to be persistent, to be personally accountable, and to have the courage to take on hard stuff, has been something that I always carry with me.”

Kurian revealed all these details during his talk with Fortune’s Susie Gharib about the leadership lesson he picked up during his first year as a CEO.

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