Palantir Sued over Recruitment Practices
Friday, October 14, 2016 11:54:53 AM

Since long, Palantir—a secretive data analytics organization—has basked in the reputation of recruiting some top engineering minds in Silicon Valley. However, now its main part of the business is under threat following the US government sued the company for its recruitment practices.

In a recent complaint, the Department of Labor has accused Palantir of discriminating against Asians, a major part of the company’s job applicants, which were examined by the department.

The challenge, which was filed before the administrative law judges of the department, seeks cancelling the company’s all US government contracts, apart from barring it from applying for any other unless and until it fixes all these alleged shortcomings.

No doubt, the financial implications of the ban would be huge for the organization, which find its root to working on various national security-related projects. Although the government work accounts for a significant part of the company’s business, it has also worked with other commercial organizations, including some large banks.

Releasing a statement, the company declined all the claims made by the government and informed that it aimed to “vigorously defend against these allegations.”

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