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30 Jun 2017

Case Studies

Purpose-driven Employee Engagement: A KPMG Case Study

KPMG’s higher purpose initiative faced some initial hiccups, although it sailed through them strategically. The following are the key stumbling blocks encountered by the firm.
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14 Jun 2017

Case Studies

HR isn’t just for recruiting: Uber case study

It is important to strike a balance between three value propositions at every stage of organizational growth as well as at every department.
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02 Jun 2017

Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation Data Analysis Case Studies

How did people analytics catalyze workforce productivity? A Chevron case study

The concept of ‘People Analytics’ being only an HR discipline is fading fast.
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01 Apr 2017

Social Media Case Studies

Six Months to Strengthen Social Recruiting Presence—The Cisco Case Study.

Long gone are the time when Cisco was just a “networking” company. It has now morphed into a technology organization, with a newly appointed CEO, a brand new Executive Leadership Team.
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11 Feb 2017

Case Studies

SaaS HR System as an Innovative First: The Motorola Solutions Case Study

The most successful outsourcing partnerships are believed to go beyond contracts and cultural limitations. A testimony to the fact is the partnership between Motorola and Aon- Hewitt.
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