Failing Leadership and Fleeing Millenials
Thursday, September 1, 2016 5:20:13 PM

Leadership development is considered as one of the main workforce challenges faced by every sector today. Studies show that the situation could aggravate in the future unless and until companies adopt proper strategies to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

With baby boomers heading for retirement, millennials are coming to the forefront and taking the helm. They are tomorrow’s leaders. However, according to studies, millennials are found to be frequent job hoppers. It throws a challenge to organizations to develop their leadership development strategies, especially keeping millennials in mind.

Given the above-mentioned situation, this whitepaper strives:


- To examine the reasons why millennials frequently change their jobs

- To show the absence of proper succession planning and leadership development programs despite their growing importance in today’s scenario

- To strike a relation between the first and second points