SaaS HR System as an Innovative First: The Motorola Solutions Case Study
Saturday, February 11, 2017 6:27:40 PM

Motorola Solutions— the global pioneer in providing business-critical communication service is and solutions for government and enterprise customers—has always heralded a new era in the corporate world by being the organization of “innovative firsts.” Driven by this organizational culture and the incessant quest to look for a better way to do things, the invention of the wildly popular Six Sigma Quality Management System among them, Motorola Solutions has broken new grounds in HR transformation and gained another ‘innovative feather’ in its cap of ‘firsts’. And this feather came in the form of a high-end experience to its 21,000 employees across 65 nations. By integrating an unparalleled, self-directed global cross-platform Software as a Service (SaaS) services into it’s legacy helpdesk solutions from Aon Hewitt, Motorola Solutions emerged as the first-of-its-kind top-notch name for going live on the Software as a Service (SaaS) HR system, Workday.
However, the journey was not all roses. Rather, several thorns emerged en route.

The Initial Hiccups
In 2012, Motorola Solutions implemented Workday, in collaboration with Aon Hewitt. Without doubt, an undertaking of such a massive scope is likely to meet some initial hiccups. Although the go-live took place according to the target as well as a major portion of the operation worked successfully right from the beginning, one particular miscalculation cast a shadow over the partnership, in its early days.
While talking about this complexity, Norman Ross, Vice President, Global Human Resources Shared Services, Motorola Solutions, Inc., revealed that when the company entered into the contract, Aon assumed that it would be able to offer international benefit-related support to all the countries where Motorola operated. However, prior to implementation, the company realized that it had grossly underestimated the complexities related to establishing this in over 60 different nations. Here’s a brief outline of the problem:
Each nation has different insurers as well as programs. Given this, when it came to legacy data integration into all vendor systems, Aon Hewitt’s employee-service portal—along with Motorola Solutions’ newly Workday—was found to be far more complicated than expected. It compelled both the organizations to work in tandem to address the issue. It took more than six to nine months, which was a fairly tough test of their commitment to excellence and partnership. And it was a tough time. However, they met the challenge head-on and eventually conquered it.
Rising to the Challenge
The most successful outsourcing partnerships are believed to go beyond contracts and cultural limitations. A testimony to the fact is the partnership between Motorola and Aon- Hewitt. While addressing the challenges and even later on, both the organizations didn’t limit their interaction to monthly or quarterly schedules. Breaking the time-limit norm, they’ve created different forums for interaction—involving top leaders in some and operational leaders in others. Till now, regular interactions between Ross and the account manager of Aon Hewitt are conducted, formally as well as informally.
Interestingly, these discussions aren’t confined to merely addressing all challenges and problems but revolve around innovative ideas, constant enhancement, and growing satisfaction of Motorola Solutions’ employees.
Further, both the companies keep evaluating their collective benefits. And their cumulative efforts have started reaping benefits. The bleeding-edge SaaS technology that Workday is, is all set to bring a positive transformation to the organization.
Based on employee feedback, Motorola Solutions took a significant leap to enhance its service, which has culminated into a mobile app and a screen sharing with its service center. The process of re-engineering the organization as well as position management is also underway, which would be of an immense great help for managers.
Motorola Solutions has also revolutionized performance management and is all set to deploy the tools in favor of talent management that assists managers in streamlining succession planning and mapping various employee development programs for an employee’s future growth. Gradually, the company is bringing a transformation to the way its HR acts, thereby adding enhanced value to the business.
On the other hand, Go-live presented some of the following strong SLA outcomes”
• First call resolution: 92%
• Calls answered in 30 seconds: 92%
• Approval for the transition to BAU operations
• The new model assists all regional client contracts in reducing the direct workload
This momentous transformation has strengthened the outsourcing partnership between Aon-Hewitt and Motorola. And more interestingly, their partnership was conferred the 2014 Outsourcing Excellence Awards.