Shoot to Damage Control Mode once they’re Fired
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5:10:45 PM

Just like the star performers of a company feel like a Godsend to the CxOs, in an inversely proportional way, an uninspiring entity feels like a burden, too much to bear for everyone. Interview those, who have borne the brunt of this indecision, resulting into an obvious financial loss but more catastrophically, having to cleanse the work-environment that has been intellectually defiled by the disease of professional-apathy. 

But rather than placing the plank of underperformance on everybody else’s shoulder, with a little bit of cat-like shrewdness, hiring decisions could be improved to bolster the overall productivity. Recruitment, which is an inherent duty of a Talent miner, could be optimized through some do-it-yourself hacks, a few of which are mentioned below: 

Tap into Referencing 

People that have previously shared workspace with a potential employee, would be the best experiential source to churn a feedback form. An aware HR is ahead of the league in monitoring the social profiles of promising talent. Look out for patterns, if any in behavior, correlating to their life events in trying to make sense of the upcoming employee-employer marriage. 

Test with Real-Life Situation: 

A new trend seen in hiring practices is presenting on the job challenges beforehand. Interviewees have shared experiences of acting in a role-play, as part of an interview for a sales profile, while pitching the concept to the board of directors. This helped the hiring managers test their mental resolve under pressure conditions. 

Most Important, trust your instincts: 

Your instincts would tell you more about someone’s efforts than the numbers ever will. It's time you trust them. The greater the number of unanswered questions that you have with a person, bigger the need to go with your gut-feeling.