Souring employee relations – What you have been doing wrong
Monday, August 29, 2016 6:14:36 PM

Employee relations should be managed appropriately in order to lead a company to success, which is very much dependent on employees’ contribution. So, if you botch your relationship with them, it would ultimately result in less productivity and poor employee morale, thereby putting a constraint to your company’s growth.

Studies have revealed that most of the organizations screw up their relations with their employees knowingly, and at times unknowingly. Let’s look at some factors that deter organizations from building a healthy relationship with employees.

  • Favoritism: When one section of employees gets opportunities and recognition and others are deprived, it results in a work environment full of anger and jealousy, which ultimately spoils employees’ productivity and morale.
  • Undefined standards: Most of the time, employees are expected to show meticulous performance. However, most of the companies do not have any proper performance standards. This drawback poses a big threat to employees’ performance.
  • Ignoring employees’ suggestions: Organizations say that their employees are an important asset. However, the ground reality speaks a different story. Often, employees are not allowed to give their suggestions or opinions. Even if they are allowed, their suggestions are overlooked most of the time. Such things are good enough to demotivate employees, ruining their morale and zeal.
  • Improper communications: Proper communications through various ways are extremely important in building cordial relationship with employees. Not only it will bring transparency to the system but will gain your employees’ trust. However, most of the time, employees are kept in shadow when it comes to implementing major changes or taking important decisions, thereby causing distrust among employees.

The above-mentioned points are a few of several factors responsible for poor employee-employer relationship. Now, with the war for talent taking a serious toll on organizations and millennial workforce harboring a different attitude, the subject of employer-employee relation has gained a new thrust. But how will you ensure a healthy relationship with your employees? Here are a few tips:

  • Mutual respect and reliance: A close and healthy relationship with employees pays high dividends. Therefore, the concept of employee engagement has gained much significance in today’s time. Studies revealed that engaged employees show more loyalty, they work harder, and stay comparatively long in a firm.

Similarly, there should be balanced reliance on both employers and employees. If the balance is not maintained, several problems occur. So, maintaining a balance of reliance is the key to maintaining healthy employee-employer relations.

  • Openness and communication: Openness is another major factor when it comes to maintaining healthy relationship with employees. Of late, several initiatives, including family day, office get-together, CSR activities, are being undertaken to strengthen the relationship between employees and employers. On the other hand, if employees are informed about important business matters and allowed to express their opinions on business decisions, not only it will help the company engage their employees but also encourage them to get actively involved in organizational growth.
  • Training: Providing training and development opportunities is a good way to nurture and engage the workforce. Although many employers consider it an expensive proposition, training and development offers both the company, in general, and employees, in particular, numerous benefits, which ultimately make the time and costs involved in it worthwhile. Besides, training and development programs contribute significantly to improving employee performance, updating employees’ knowledge and experience, ensuring employee satisfaction, and most importantly, retaining employees.
  • Recognition and appreciation employees’ performance: Once employees’ work and performance are recognized and appreciated, they not only feel motivated but also maintain consistency in improving their performance. Of late, various rewards and recognition programs are becoming an accepted norm in organizations across the world.