Stay at the Cutting Edge of Mobile Recruitment
Thursday, June 29, 2017 6:32:46 PM

With a majority of job seekers diverting to mobile devices for job search, mobile recruitment is apparently to emerge as a bigger buzz word and devising a result-driven mobile recruitment strategy seems to be the holy grail of the industry. If numbers are anything to validate the fact, 45% of job seekers look for jobs using their mobile devices, while 89% of job seekers accept the significance of these devices in job search, revealed by a recent Glassdoor study.

Social hiring is big. However, mobile hiring has the potential to be even bigger!

Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

  • Mobile recruitment assists recruiters in getting faster response from their candidates and engaging or interacting with them on a continuous basis
  • New-age features like apps, push notifications etc., enable recruiters to source candidates easily
  • Connecting with passive candidates is another great benefit of mobile recruitment. It will assist you in intimating your candidates about new openings
  • With mobile recruitment facility, you can easily listen to or see recorded answers of your candidates when you are travelling. It signifies that mobile recruitment helps you accommodate the recruiting process according to your schedule

While some CHROs have managed to ride on the wave of this transformative trend, it’s helpful for others to know how successfully they can maneuver their way. Here are a quick tips and tricks for them:

  • Start your mobile recruiting practices with appropriate optimization. Optimize your career website/page first, as mobile responsive design is the first step to start with. Thereafter, optimize all the job listings by implementing the job search filter option and reducing content on mobile for easy read. Besides, you need adjust all your email templates according to your mobile versions.
  • A little bit research of your online traffic goes a long way too. Know how your candidates visit your company on mobile. Find out the percentage of the career site traffic coming from mobile. Check the rate of conversations from visitors to applicants. Take a look at the job percentage viewed on mobile through various career websites. Once you gain an in-depth understanding of your mobile audience leveraging these details, you’ll be better able to devise a recruitment strategy, accordingly.
  • Track your mobile recruitment activities using success metrics and KPIs. Check month-over-month growth of the mobile traffic to your career site and jobs. Compare the percentage of candidates start a job application with that of the ones complete. Examine the interaction patterns with various mobile properties according to device types. Most importantly, to make your mobile recruitment process ‘REVOLUTIONARY’, you must take into consideration whether or not you can completely follow the recruitment process right from sourcing to recruiting.

Mobile job seeking is gaining prominence day by day, with job seekers feeling more comfortable with searching and applying for jobs using their smartphones. By 2020, there is projected to be more smartphones than people in the world. So, if you have not yet started taking advantage of this upcoming trend, it’s the time for you to give your recruitment strategy this sought-after mobile ‘edge’.