Stay safe with social media in the workplace
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 4:32:08 PM

It’s now an established fact that social channels are a good avenue for building/strengthening brand image and creating a loyal customer base. Devising an all-inclusive social media policy covering guidelines, the best practices, and training tips for all employees has, therefore, become the norm, not an exception any more.

How to stay safe with social media in the workplace? The following points should be considered carefully.

  • Educate your employees about social media: The core purpose of a social media policy is to educate employees about the social media platforms they are using. This comprises, but essentially is not restricted to, terms of use of the site, limitations, and conditions. If any comment or post of your employee violates the policy of a social media website, it will not only affect your company’s brand image but will also restrain your company from using the website in future.
  • Remind your employees about the blurred lines between their personal and professional lives: Increasingly, personal and professional lines are getting blurred. How you represent yourself on your personal social media account may have a spillover effect on your professional interests. So, do let your employees understand that the way they express or portray themselves on social media may lead to negative consequences in their professional life.
  • Teach your employees to follow a professional tonality: Encourage your employees to develop a personal brand on their social networks through posts. It will leave a far-reaching impact on your brand-building activities on major social networks. However, its flip side cannot be overlooked. So, ask your employees to think carefully while planning to post controversial views. It’s better for them to gain insights into social conventions followed in various forums. And since they are the brand ambassador of your organizations, they should present their views/thoughts in a professional tone.
  • Show respect to professional boundaries: Every employee and employer should show respect to professional boundaries of every co-worker. Cyberbullying may emerge as a potential threat to the organization, which may give rise to a hostile work environment.
  • Make it mandatory for everyone to keep workplace issues & conflicts confidential: Workplace conflicts and issues are inevitable; however, they should not come out of the ‘confidential’ veil. Every employee at your organization is the ambassador of the employer brand. So, all their complaints or concerns should be addressed without any social audience of competitors, customers, and partners.
  • Ensure that your social media policy covers all the platforms: If you devise a social media policy for your organization, make sure that it is applicable for all the platforms. Many professionals consider LinkedIn and Twitter for business purposes, and Facebook for personal purposes. Therefore, they post anything on their so-called personal social network without much thinking However, such posts are also a potential threat to their personal as well as employer brand.
  • Non-disclosing proprietary information: Make sure that your social media policy clearly highlights that all your employees are barred from disclosing any company-related detail that is proprietary or secret. At the same time, tie it with a code of conduct policy so that disciplinary actions can be taken if any violation takes place.