The Era of the Employee Experience: Workspaces, Tools, and Culture
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5:53:14 PM

The talent management takes many turns to find the road ahead for successful integration of the employees’ lives with the business of the organizations. The employee experience as a new workplace practice has given birth to new positions in the C-suite such as the global chief employee experience officer and the head of the employee experience.   

The time will tell if this is a fad or a deep revolution with the potential to disrupt the talent management as we see. But one thing is sure- in the continuum of employee life cycle, employee experience is not an analogy to the employee engagement.   

The employee experience completely overhauls the designing to suit the employee needs instead of it being the other way around. Experience is an amalgamation of three factors namely culture, technology, and physical workspace.   

Corporate culture as an experience is something you can’t miss as it is the soul of the organization. The organizational structure, the feel of the place, the rapport with the colleagues and the management- all culminates into the empowerment of true protagonist of the workplace.  

The complex organizational systems of the modern world can’t run without the technologies that simplify the work. Acting as the central nervous system of the organizations, it is critical that the organizations are on the right page of technologies like software, apps, e-learning tools, and design and user experience elements.  

Physical workspace is the infrastructure that can add to the happiness index of the employees and enhance the culture overall. The complete ambiance, the tactile experiences, and the demographics along with autonomy, workplace flexibility, and access to multiple workspaces have proven to exponentially raise the level of average profits to four times.  

Testified by great investments not showing much of an improvement on papers with the engagement and retention of employees, the new order calls for a modern initiative in the shape of employee experience.