Trivializing Talent Pool can be Detrimental. 10 Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 9:22:01 AM

In the whirlwind of the ongoing battle that ‘everyday’ sort of becomes, the businesses sometimes forget that the talent pool is not just any computer or electrical appliance serving their whims and fancies. They are human beings and once in a while, everyone can do with some appreciation and acknowledgment. Yes, you compensate them with a good salary and other benefits. But that is not all that the employees work for.

The employees want to be recognized by their bosses for the former’s kind of brand that they carry in everything they do- whether office work, presentations, meetings, and parties. Time and again studies have proven that the employees who are appreciated and recognized for the work they do are more productive and their performance ranks higher than those who aren’t acknowledged.

We have lined up for you some pointers which will help you avoid the pitfalls of trivializing the talent pool you have at the workplace and make them feel valued:

Treat employees as humans: Conducting one-to-one interviews with employees help you pinpoint their experiences, their pain points, their achievements. Being in sync with their drawbacks and accomplishments, and helping them improve will sort out the problem of businesses treating employees as mere variables.


Build Trust and Autonomy: Give the employees freedom and autonomy to experiment, innovate, think out of the box, and extend themselves professionally. This builds a relationship of mutual respect and understanding between the employees and their bosses eliminating the weeds of exhaustion, inefficiency, and general misconduct.

Strengthen the Strengths: Achieve operational goals and performance by leveraging the strengths of the employees. Utilize them as transferable skills in other domains and spheres instead of exasperating them and yourself on the lack of certain skills. You can always have training and development classes to help them build on their other skills which the employees might be weaker at. 

Understand their Stories: Not everything is mentioned in the resume and job descriptions are never the complete stories of the employees. Employees are humans and have passions different from the defined criteria. Tap into these skills to complement it with the needs of your organization.

Detailed Employee Profiles: Just like marketers have a segmented persona defined for each of their customers, create a profile of your employees. Measure their aptitude, personality, and document performance with different SaaS services available as freeware and shareware which you can use to administer surveys to get insight about the inclinations and idiosyncrasies of the individuals.

Train Employees: The managers are supposed to be a mentor apart from the other roles they play of deadlines and bottom line. Write down all the professional weaknesses of the employees and club them together in different segments based on their similarity and think and devise some plan to cover through training and development, the shortcomings. Wait to be surprised by the kind of talents the employees have kept hidden.  

Keep Following Up: Progression must be kept buoyant with the air of follow-ups and encouragements. All the mentoring and training come to nil when there is no continuity of the same. You have to work a little extra to make room for all of these but believe us, you will never repent.

Count the Inexperience: Inexperienced employees are like buds which haven’t bloomed. You still have the chance to let employees ask questions of how, why, and what of your organizations so that the leaks and the lacunae in the organizational system can be fulfilled.

Go ahead! Harness the full power of your employees by knowing them better. Understanding them better. And training them better.