Zenefits, leader in HR software, likely to get its mojo back with the new launch
Friday, October 21, 2016 11:45:54 AM

After sailing in the rough water, HR software leader, Zenefits, is all set to regain its mojo. Its expanded and redesigned HR software platform is expected to be a big hit in the market. Its online Z2 platform, which is customized to assist small-size businesses with a gamut of HR activities, has recently been launched.

In this new platform, the company—for the very first time—is providing its customers with its in-house payroll services. Also, it features a wide range of completely integrated apps meant for varieties of functions, comprising stock options, recruiting and productivity, performance management, and expense reporting. The company has entered into partnership with 17 organizations to offer the apps, comprising Slack, Expensify, Salesforce, and eShares. Further, it has created Z2 to enable the integration of different third-party applications into it.

Leveraging Z2, small organizations will be able to explore various health insurance plans. Further, they can also narrow down their choices to examine the cost-effectiveness of the plans and other things.

Once the data regarding individual employees—like name, pay, address, date of birth—is entered into the app on Z2, the data will be distributed across the platform, significantly lessening the workload of HR professionals.

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